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Sleeve Gastrectomy

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    You will feel like you are reborn with “Sleeve Gastrectomy”

    75-80% of the stomach is removed and the stomach is shaped like a tube. The number of operations has rapidly increased around the world and global application prevalence has reached up to 70-80%. It is the most common surgical intervention in Turkey with 85%.

    What Are Preparations Steps Before Sleeve Gastrectomy Which Tests Are Made?Before the surgery, every patient will have the following tests.

    • Blood biochemistry tests
    • Hemogram
    • Hormone tests
    • Hepatitis tests
    • Complete abdomen ultrasound
    • Stomach endoscopy (with an anaesthetic specialist)
    • EKG (Heart Radiography)
    • Lung Radiography
    • Lung respiratory test
    • When needed, effort test and ECO (Electrocardiography)

    After all these tests, the results will be examined by anaesthesia, internal medicine, cardiology, chest disease and endocrine specialists. After these examinations, other underlying diseases that might cause to obesity are investigated. If there is no such disease, patients are examined whether they can go under anaesthesia and whether there is a barrier for this. Specialists might provide recommendations about the treatment before the surgery. Thus, the risk of complications during and after the surgery are minimised.

    Is There Suturing in Sleeve Gastrectomy?
    Is There a Leakage Test in Sleeve Gastrectomy?
    Why Do I Use Blood Thinner in Sleeve Gastrectomy?
    Will There Be Pain After Sleeve Gastrectomy?
    Will There Be Any Marks After Sleeve Gastrectomy?
    When and How Will I Start Nutritions After Sleeve Gastrectomy?
    How Will Eating, Vitamin and Mineral Support Be After Sleeve Gastrectomy?
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    Can I Use Medication After Surgery?
    What Benefits Do Sleeve Gastrectomy Have?
    Will I Gain Weight After Sleeve Gastrectomy?
    How long will the pre-operation process take?All test and examination appointments are organised by our team and our process starts early in the morning and ends in approximately 3 hours.

    Will I be in ICU after surgery?
    When Can I Go Back to Work?
    Will I Have Catheter?
    When will the weight loss start?
    Will there be sagging in my body with weight loss?
    Do my previous operations cause a barrier to this operation?
    Will my follow-up continue after the surgery?
    What Are the Benefits of Laparoscopic Surgery?
    When can I go back to my normal life after the operation?
    When Can I Get Pregnant After the Operation?
    What is the surgery program for patients from abroad?
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    When can I start exercising after the surgery?
    What should I be careful about my sexual life after the surgery?