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Liposuction is regional fat removal for individuals with persistent regional fat accumulation and without any weight-related diseases like obesity. This procedure also known as fat removal will remove the persistent fat that does not go away with diet and sports. Liposuction is not a weight-loss method. It is a cosmetic surgery to remove regional fats and to give a healthier and more aesthetic look to these regions. Liposuction that has been applied for a long time is preferred by both men and women. Therefore, it is among the most commonly applied cosmetic surgeries.

Who can have liposuction?

This cosmetic surgery is safe for anyone except pregnant women and women who recently gave birth.  Since the excess body fat will be removed with liposuction, the individual must not have skin sagging or chaps. For example, when an individual who gave birth for 3 times has liposuction, the possibility for skin sagging is high. Because the abdomen has almost no elasticity. Therefore, this method is not suitable for individuals in advanced ages and with low skin elasticity.

This technique that can be applied to individuals in any age group and the most suitable group is women who had at most one birth, with normal weight and who wants to eliminate the fat around the waist and men with normal weight.

How is liposuction applied?

There are different methods for this procedure applied to remove the persistent fat in the body that cannot be eliminated with either diet or sports. With these methods, body fat is turned into a slippery and soft structure. Then, by using 2-3 mm cannula from 1-2 mm cuts, the fat in these regions are removed. These cannulas are inserted to a vacuum tool that looks like a vacuum cleaner to suction the fat. Depending on the doctor’s choice, fat is removed with manual cannula operation. This procedure might take between half an hour and 6 hours depending on the size and volume of the operation region. Patients might need up to 10 sessions to see the benefits of this procedure. Before the procedure, local anaesthesia is applied. Let’s explain the methods in liposuction:

Wet technique liposuction

This is one of the most common methods in liposuction. In wet technique, a liquid is injected to fat cells in the body. This liquid has anti-bleeding and pain killer medication. After the cells are filled with this liquid, the procedure is applied. The fat is removed by using cannulas connected to a vacuum device.

Ultrasonic liposuction method

In this method, small tubes are used for reaching the liposuction region and ultrasonic waves are sent with these tubes. These waves will vibrate and soften at cells. Softer fats can be removed easily. After softening the fats, fats are removed with vacuum and the procedure is completed.

Laser liposuction method

In laser liposuction method, small tubes are used for sending laser rays to fatty region. These rays will liquefy the solid fat cells. Liquid fat cells are removed with cannulas which are smaller than the normal cannulas. Thus, scarring problem after the surgery is eliminated.

Which regions can liposuction be applied?

In fact, a liposuction procedure can be easily applied to any region. But if this procedure is applied to lower hip and front part of the legs, it is possible to experience dents and a bad look. Therefore, this method is not applied to these regions. The best results in both women and men can be achieved for the following regions:


¨In women, the best results are achieved for hip, belly, buttocks, waist, inner and upper parts of the legs, inner parts of the knees, neck region, back, armpits and ankles.

¨In men, the best results for liposuction are achieved for neck, waist and belly.


What is the process after liposuction, what should you do?

Generally, local anaesthesia is applied for liposuction surgery but in some cases, general anaesthesia might be preferred. Especially for laser liposuction, general anaesthesia is administered and patients are hospitalised for one night. Patients can go back home on the same day when they have local anaesthesia if there are no complications after a few hours.

If patients get up and move on the liposuction day, they can experience faster recovery. Lymph drainage massage before and after the surgery will speed up the recovery.

After the surgery, feeling pain for 3-4 days is normal. To reduce this pain, the doctor will prescribe pain killers for one week. After the liposuction procedure, cannula entrance points are sutured at 5-6 locations. These sutures are removed after one week. Patients can go back to their work 3-7 days after the surgery. The sutures and the dressing must be removed 2 days after the surgery. We can list the things to be followed after the liposuction procedure as follows:


¨After the surgery, patients must use sports corset for 3 weeks to pick up the body and shape it.

¨Patients must go for walking for 45-minutes per fay 2 weeks after the surgery.

¨Patients must wait at least 6 weeks for intense sports.

¨Swelling and bruising after the surgery will disappear on its own in 2 months. In the meantime, lymph drainage massage or cold massage can be applied.


It will take between 6-9 months for a full recovery and see the results of liposuction.

Liposuction consists of lipo and suction words and means fat suction with the vacuum. This technique involves suctioning fat from various regions of the body with specially designed cannulas connected to a vacuum pump. Liposuction with cannulas has been applied for an approximate of quarter-century. This technique is known with various names like “liposhaping, lipoplasty, liposculpture, suction-assisted body contouring, suction lipectomy, liposhifting” basically means injection fat collected with liposuction to different regions. In fact, the purpose of all these procedures is to change the body lines. Almost all of these procedures are based on liposuction technique.

Basically, liposuction can be applied to any part of the body; while women mainly prefer belly, hips, upper legs and knee areas, men prefer waist, belly and breasts.

On contrary to common belief, liposuction is not suitable for weight loss. However, it might be preferred to help diet and exercise methods to lose weight. Mainly, liposuction is removing the non-aesthetic fat tissue in normal weighted individuals where it is not possible to lose fat with exercise and other methods. While it is possible to apply to individuals at any age, the skin must be elastic enough to obtain tight skin after fat tissue removal. Otherwise, there might be sagging and skin removal might be required.

Individuals who will have liposuction must have good general health conditions. Because this procedure is not a simple operation that can be done in random clinics; it is a serious surgical procedure.

While general anaesthesia is applied in liposuction, local anaesthesia is possible for small regions.